New Businesses Coming To Parliament Street

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New Businesses Coming To Parliament Street

The Cabbagetown Neighbourhood Review is reporting that three new businesses will be coming to Parliament Street between Aberdeen Avenue and Carlton Street.

A new restaurant, a credit union and a fitness club!

Read more about these new businesses…

5 replies on “New Businesses Coming To Parliament Street”

I notice that Parliament Street Fitness is coming to the neighbourhood but I am not able to find their contact information. I’d like to get a sense of their prices before I renew my current membership at Ryerson. Can you please give me their phone and/or email info?

120 dollars for a monthly membership pffttt. its a rip off might as well go to goodlife this new gym is so small. way too over priced

I don’t think the price is that crazy…my Goodlife membership is $80/mo, and I have to pay for parking at Pape/Danforth so I bet this local option is a similar cost all-in. Most gyms in the Financial District are $120/mo and up.

Anyway, I can get loads of items cheaper at big box stores but like supporting local businesses just the same…

This is a well-run business, managed by people that know what they’re doing. It’s well organized, clean, and has all the equipment you’ll ever want or need. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. You get what you pay for. How many businesses have we seen open and close within months in this neighbourhood because of a lack of basic business skills? I’ve lost count. This is a fantastic add to the neighbourhood.

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