LEAF Backyard Tree Planting Program


LEAF Backyard Tree Planting Program

Want to plant a tree in your backyard? LEAF makes it easy!

The Backyard Tree Planting Program, offers native trees and shrubs at a subsidized price. It includes a site consultation with an experienced arborist to determine proper tree selection and site location, delivery and planting of a 6 to 8 foot tree and a handy tree care guide.

Visit their website for a description of how the program works, colour photos of the trees and shrubs, prices and instructions on how to book your site consultation.

Spring season is now in full swing, and LEAF has a new and expanded list of 27 native trees and 20 native shrub species this year. Please note that for a Spring planting (April and May), you must have a site consultation before April 13th. Consultations which occur after that date will be for fall (October and November) plantings.

They are also happy to discuss the program and book a site consultation with you over the phone – call them at 416-413-9244.

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