July Focus: Parking

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July Focus: Parking

Parking in Cabbagetown can be an eventful affair for both residents and visitors and the popularity of our beautiful neighbourhood in the summer months only brightens the light on the intricacies of our one way streets, narrow lanes and high demand for on-street parking.

In our 2013 Community Survey, we had plenty of feedback about on-street parking, parking hours and parking permits with 50% of respondents indicating that parking is problematic and the majority of respondents feel that residents should have parking priority day and night. We will be liaising with the Parking Enforcement Unit of the Toronto Police to identify specific parking issues as they relate to Cabbagetown and to gain clarity on a number of issues that were brought up by members in our most recent survey. If you have any specific concerns as it relates to parking, please email us at info@cabbagetowner.com.

Owning a vehicle in the city may not always be the most efficient way to “get around” and your vehicle may remain parked for long periods of time, either in your private lane way or on the street. If you do leverage street parking, please be courteous to your neighbours and ensure your vehicle is parked safely and as close as possible to the others around it to maximize the street parking space we have. In addition, the following parking infractions do not require a sign to be enforced:

Park – Obstruct lane way or driveway = $40.00 Fine
Park – 3m from a Fire Hydrant = $100.00 Fine
Park – More than 30cm from a curb = $15.00 Fine
Park – Longer than 3 hours without a permit = $15.00 Fine
Park – In accessible parking location = $450 Fine
Park – Fire Route = $250 Fine

Due to the unique character and architecture of Cabbagetown, we are a prime location for Film and Television shoots and have had a busy 12 months which has lead to parking disruptions on affected streets both large and small. Our survey results on the impact of Film and Television crews in our neighbourhood was unsurprisingly mixed. Residents appreciate the attention as well as tolerate the inconvenience. To help offset this inconvenience, we have recently started dropping in on the film shoots and requesting a donation to our community. We have had tremendous success and plan to allocate these funds to our annual community events – most notably, the Forsythia Festival and the Pumpkin Walk. We ask for your assistance in identifying the film shoots – please send a quick email to us at info@cabbagetowner.com.

4 replies on “July Focus: Parking”

I think I need to pay this year’s fees. Please let me know. As for parking it is almost impossible during the high intensity shopping hours on Parliament Street particularly after 5 o’clock. Would it ever be possible to restrict parking to those with parking permits at that time?

Thanks for your comments Margaret. I’ll contact you directly regarding your membership.

I agree that it’s fairly busy on Parliament St. during rush hour especially. I’ll let the board know of your comment as we’re reviewing a lot of feedback from residents about parking issues currently. I have to say that it would be difficult to get resident permit parking arranged on Parliament St. at that time given the need to keep traffic moving and for on-street parking for all shoppers.

I run a business on Parliament St and have been parking respectfully on Spruce St since 2013.
Today I had a parking ticket though my car was parked legally and perfectly at 49 Spruce St.
I was given a parking infraction park longer than 3 hours.
I really would like someone to highlight me as to what was my violation when there are no signs saying or indicating such only signs say no parking between 12.01 am and 10.am except by permit.
If anyone has an answer to this please email me.

I’m sorry to hear about your ticket. As the article on this page indicates, unless you have a valid permit displayed, there is a 3 hour limit to parking *anywhere* within the City of Toronto. There are a few infractions like this that are not signed such as parking within 3 metres of a fire hydrant, obstructing a driveway etc. The City has additional details at this webpage:

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