Join us – Neighbourhood Safety Walks


Join us – Neighbourhood Safety Walks

Dear Friends

We had great interest in conducting safety walks in Cabbagetown. Thank you to those who nominated an area (or two) within our neighbourhood that may benefit from a CPTED safety walk.

Based on the frequency of nominations and description of the problem, the following two (2) safety walks have been scheduled. Safety walks begin at 7:00pm and generally take 1 – 2 hours to complete. All are welcome. Please bring comfortable shoes, a writing pad (if you wish) and a camera to document safety issues that may be of interest to you.

Tuesday June 25th: Gordon Sinclair Lane
This lane is problematic given its proximity to both Spruce Court Public School and Riverdale Park West. Teens and groups of mostly men use this park for activities that appear to be consistent with the drug trade. This lane provides a location to sell/ buy/ take drugs (and other activity) as well as a convenient travel conduit between the school and the park, both of which see increased traffic at night.

Please meet at the entrance to Gordon Sinclair Lane and Sumach St for 7:00pm

Wednesday June 26th: Corn Camomille Lane
This lane runs north of Gerrard St between Gifford and Sumach. Residents report problems with groups of mostly men congregating for what is presumed to be drug related activity; some violent acts (robberies, assaults) have occurred in this lane and along neighbouring streets.

Please meet at the entrance to Corn Camomille Lane on Sumach St for 7:00pm.

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