Information Meeting: Committee of Adjustment Application for 233 Carlton St.


Information Meeting: Committee of Adjustment Application for 233 Carlton St.

In advance of the Committee of Adjustment (CofA) hearing to deal with three zoning variances associated with 233 Carlton, a public information meeting has been scheduled by the project architects:

Date: Monday February 10, 2020
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Location: Central Neighbourhood House 
349 Ontario St.

Here’s an information sheet, which provides more details about this session.

There are currently 3 zoning variances that need to be addressed: 

1. Density
They plan to turn the basement at 233 Carlton from a storage area to offices, which means the building will be able to accommodate more people than in its current configuration, so there is a density variance.

2. Parking
The required minimum number of parking spaces for the office use for this building is 2 spaces. The SSHA wants to do away with this requirement as the existing building sitting tight against
the property line and they want deliveries and garbage collection to happen in Doctor O Lane. So there is parking variance.

3. Rooftop Patio
The architects’ plans that were originally submitted to the C of A have since been revised, as they have added a roof top patio. This adds a third variance.

SSHA staff responsible for the building renovations have informed us that if there is an issue with getting approval for the density zoning variance, they will simply move ahead with the refurbishment of the above ground floors and address the basement at a later stage. In fact they already have plans to split the work into two tenders – one for the above ground floors and one for the basement. This level of forward planning seems to indicate concerns about the outcome of the C of A. They have also informed us that if there is an issue with the parking variance they will just forge ahead anyway and manage all deliveries and garbage removal from front of the building, on Carlton Street.

It’s important that any concerns residents may have related to these variances be voiced at this session and we encourage residents to attend to learn more and have their concerns registered. Residents can also submit letters to the C of A, stating any concerns they may have. These must be restricted to the three variances in question, which are the only items the C of A is allowed to adjudicate.

Here’s all the supporting documentation submitted by the architects in advance of the C of A hearing.

Find out more about the C of A process here.

Not able to make the event? Share your feedback with the City’s engagement consultants at

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