Ice Storm Updates


Ice Storm Updates

Unless you’ve been on vacation somewhere warm, or haven’t left your basement in the past couple of days – you’ll know that we’ve experienced a significant weather event in the area. We in Cabbagetown haven’t been as heavily impacted by power outages compared with other areas of the GTA, but icy roads and sidewalks, downed trees and localized power disruptions are affecting a number of people in Cabbagetown.

The City of Toronto website has resources available including warming centres and many residents across Cabbagetown are taking in friends and family from areas without power.

For a full list of City resources, please visit:

A few important notes:
1. Contacting Hydro To Report Downed Wires
Toronto Hydro has not been able to manage the incoming volumes of calls to report downed wires. Please try calling them at 416-542-8000, but in most cases you won’t be able to actually report anything as the system won’t allow you to speak with anyone or leave a message. If you can’t reach anyone, you can use their online form at:
(although the web page says not to use this form to report downed wires, the Toronto Hydro Twitter account has said that this is ok during this incident)

Toronto Hydro is asking that you keep your front light on to indicate that you have power. This will help them to more quickly ascertain which houses have power and which do not, especially in areas where there are localized outages.

2. Don’t Move Branches That Are In Contact With Hydro Wires
Many people have become frustrated and started to move branches that are hanging on wires. Please don’t…for your own safety. Please stay well away from the branches and the wires or you could be injured.

3. Please (pretty please…!) Be Nice…Clear Your Ice
It’s not only the neighbourly thing to do as you told us in our recent survey, but it’s required by law within 12 hours of snow falling or ice forming. Please help elderly or incapacitated neighbours to clear their sidewalks or contact the City (call 311) to ask that they be put on the list to be assisted in the future.

Road salt is in short supply across the city, so please share with your neighbours if you have enough to spare.

4. Don’t Shovel Snow or Ice On To The Street
This is another one of those bylaws that can cost you ($360 fine). Snow and Ice on sidewalks, driveways and paths should be shovelled on to your property, not on to the street.

5. Emergency Power and The Risks Of Carbon Monoxide
If you are without power and using an emergency generator, please ensure that you are not at risk of carbon monoxide releasing into your home. If you are using a BBQ to cook, only use it outside.

More safety tips from the CBC and Toronto Fire…

6. Frozen Pipes
If your house is without heat, there is significant risk of water freezing in your pipes. To minimise the risk, allow a small amount of water to run from the lowest tap in your house.

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