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Have your say about our democracy

This is larger than our little neighbourhood, but the Canadian version of democracy and possible changes to how we vote could have a significant impact on how we elect our representatives. The Government of Canada wants your opinions and has created an online survey to gather them. You can submit your views until December 30, 2016.

MyDemocracy.ca | MaDemocratie.ca

or by Telephone: 1-844-690-8363

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Twitter: @CdnDemocracy | @DemocratieCdn
Facebook: facebook.com/CdnDemocracy | facebook.com/DemocratieCdn

According to the website “While answering the profile questions is optional, not answering these questions will result in your input not being included as part of the overall results of the study.” The profile questions include such things as household income and postal code.

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