Happy holidays! Our 2018 card winners

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Happy holidays! Our 2018 card winners

The results are in: this year we had six winners selected from Winchester Park P.S. and Sprucecourt P.S. for the Cabbagetown Holiday Card Contest. You’ll see five of them here: one parent declined having that child’s artwork shared outside the school. 

In this post, the five winning illustrations, from top to bottom, are created by:
* Manha, Winchester 
* Hahed, Winchester 
* Tashfifa, Sprucecourt
* William, Sprucecourt
* Lubaba, Sprucecourt 

Thanks to Sam Richardson and  Lindsay Matheson for organizing and the contest, which drew more than 400 participants between our two local public schools. The winners’ work has been framed and is on display over the holidays at Epicure shop on Parliament Street, and each winner gets a pizza party for her or his class, all sponsored by the CRA.

Many thanks to our three volunteer judges:

Kristie Prieur has 15-plus years experience in the advertising and marketing industry. Currently, she works for Reebok managing their Canadian brand marketing efforts. Just as Albert Einstein said, she believes that “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Karen Whaley is an arts marketing professional and an amateur art historian. She’s currently a full-time parent of two kids and a board member at Heritage Toronto, where she serves as Chair of their Awards Jury Committee. 

Betty White is a professional artist and art teacher. She taught art to children for 28 years at Montcrest School and continues to teach children in her Cabbagetown home since her retirement. She also actively exhibits her art work and had her last show in June 2017 at Teodora Art Gallery. Read more on her website. 

These artworks have been made into cards  printed and distributed to households within the CRA boundaries of Gerrard (south), Parliament (west), St. James Cemetery (north) and the Don Valley (east).

Thanks to volunteer graphic designer Chris Moorehead for designing the cards and CRA president Marc Simmons for organizing the distribution.

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