Halloween safety tips for revelers of all ages

Safety and Security

Halloween safety tips for revelers of all ages

Des Ryan, a retired police officer, is the volunteer safety and security lead and board director for the Cabbagetown Residents Association.

By the time you read this, you have probably been inundated with Halloween safety tips for the little ones.

You can probably recite them off by heart by now:

– Wear a highly visible costume
– Use make-up instead of wearing a mask
– Be really careful crossing roads
– Travel in groups with at least one adult (maybe you, maybe someone else’s parent)
– Wait until a responsible adult checks the candy before devouring it
– Don’t go into anyone’s house or car

And so it goes. We know all of this.

But what about you? What if you’re the one who is going to be hosting or going to a party?

Here are some quick tips that might come in handy.

If you are hosting, consider host liability. While I am sure there are enough lawyers among you who know what this means, let’s be really clear: if a guest drinks (or smokes—welcome to the new world of legalized cannabis use) to excess and that guest is involved in a car crash or stumbles and injures themselves on their way home or is involved in any nasty situation that can be directly linked to their excessive consumption of alcohol or cannabis while at your party, you may be civilly liable.

If you are going to a party, don’t drive. Seriously. Chances are you’re going somewhere local and can walk home. Or take public transit or a taxi or Uber. Even if you are a responsible drinker, consider that the roads are filled with people who are not. Do you need the hassle?

But, if you do have to drive, be ultra-vigilant, particularly during the early evening on Halloween. Expect little ones to come popping out from between parked cars. Anticipate sudden stops and drive accordingly. Consider, after you see a group cross right in front of you, that there might be one or two more who will come darting across to join their friends.  

If you’re going to a party that has a lot of people you don’t know, consider that not everyone is like you. If you’re going with friends, check in on each other now and again. Don’t put your drink down. Seriously. And remember that wearing a costume doesn’t give you a licence to be a jerk. People really don’t like uninvited touching and it could lead to criminal charges, even if you are dressed as Eros.

Finally, consider your sugar intake. Pound back a few drinks and a half-dozen or so chocolatey-ooey-good candy bars and you’re likely looking at a nasty hangover in the morning. Just putting it out there.

After all of that, have a good night, and don’t forget to bring your pumpkin to Riverdale Park West on Thursday, November 1 for the Cabbagetown Pumpkin Walk. All the rules above still apply!

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