Gordon Sinclair Laneway clean up – June 8th

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Gordon Sinclair Laneway clean up – June 8th

June 8th, 2014
9:30 am – 12:00 noon
Meet at Sumach St. and Gordon Sinclair Lane

Based on safety walks conducted last year, residents told us they want a laneway that;
– Looks cared for, is aesthetically pleasing and clean
– Enhances safety of residents and their property, while reducing crimes of opportunity

Bring yourself, your enthusiasm, and some gloves and gardening tools. The CRA will provide refreshments, some gardening tools and supplies. The CRA will also work with 51 Division to activate the graffiti eradication program.

Why focus on cleaning laneways?
– Overgrown brush and vegetation can obscure light (street lights, resident owned lights) sightlines and create hiding places
– Using the laneway to store construction materials, furniture, garbage, and other debris makes it easier for someone to climb over a fence to access your yard or home
– Broken window syndrome – an area that looks neglected encourages others to discard garbage or use the space for unsavory activity
– Ample lighting, sturdy fences with locked gates,  coupled with clean and clutter-free spaces reduces crimes of opportunity
– Obvious display of house numbers on fences, gates and garages assists emergency responders (police, fire, ambulance) when necessary

Why focus on Gordon Sinclair Lane?

This event is being organized by the Cabbagetown Residents Association and local residents following a safety walk that was conducted last June. This laneway was nominated for a safety walk by several residents and homeowners who live on Carlton St and Geneva St. The laneway serves as a convenient conduit for individuals who frequent Riverdale Park West and Spruce Court Public School grounds for illegal, disrespectful activities.

What will be cleaned up?
– Weeds will be removed and overgrown plant material (overhanging laneway) will be trimmed
– Residents and/or homeowners are asked to clean and de-clutter their parking areas, ensure gates are in good working order
– Toronto Hydro will remove any tree branches and prune trees that obscure overhead light (date TBC)
– 51 Division Graffiti Eradication teams will remove graffiti (dates TBC)
– For Residents who wish to participate, address numbers will be affixed to gates, fences, etc. Please let us know if you wish to have a number affixed to your gate/fence.

What can you do to help?
Join us on Sunday June 8th. Bring your enthusiasm, work gloves, leaf bags and some garden tools. Where possible, be prepared to remove debris and/or materials that may be cluttering your parking areas.

Cabbagetown Residents Association board members will provide refreshments and will assist with clean up.

Please contact Lynn Dionne at info@cabbagetowner.com for more information and to let us know if you would like a number for your gate/fence.

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