A Gift For Tina of Cabbagetown Co-op Nursery School – Your Photos

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A Gift For Tina of Cabbagetown Co-op Nursery School – Your Photos

You might recall our post about the closing of the Cabbagetown Co-op Nursery School (CCNS) scheduled for June of this year. We have been contacted by some residents who wish to put together a farewell gift for Tina Ruggiero who has been an integral part of the school. They need your help to make this a memorable gift. It’s a secret though (as much as posting on a website can be a secret!), so please don’t mention it to Tina. Here is what they would like from you:

example photo of children holding sign
Did one of your kids ever have Tina as a preschool teacher? If yes, we need your help. As you may have heard, CCNS is closing after 30 years. For the last 16 years Tina’s has been at the helm and has touched the lives of many many children.

We are putting together a book of “Tina’s kids” and would love if you could take a picture of your child/children holding a sign and email it to us. The sign could be as simple as the name of the child and when they went to CCNS, a thank you, a sweet message, anything you want.

Please send the photo to me at ccnspresent@gmail.com and we will work on compiling it into a book. We would like to present it to her before the end of June, so please email in the picture ASAP, ideally before June 13th .

Thank you so much,

Lindsay and Robyn

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