General Survey


General Survey

The Don Vale Cabbagetown Residents Association (DVCRA) conducted a survey of its members in the fall of 2004 and again in the spring of 2006.

In the 2004 survey, 82% of the respondents rated increasing personal safety & security as very important. Comparatively, 80% of respondents rated reducing street crime as very important, while improving community services and improving quality of schools, scored 69% and 55% respectively.

Another survey was conducted at the May 3, 2006 AGM meeting to provide direction to the Board on prioritizing activities for the upcoming year. Six issues were rated based on their importance with “1” being the least important to “5” being the most important. The top 3 issues identified by the membership are:

    Reducing Street Crime – 92% of respondents rated this issue as “4” or “5” with 66% rating it as “5”.

    Revitalization of Parliament Street – 90% of respondents rated this issue as a “4” or a “5” with 62% rating is as a “5”.

    Increasing Community Safety and Security – 85% of the respondents rated this issue as a “4” or a “5” with 60% rating it as a “5”.

To view the complete survey results from May 2006 click the link below.

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