Composting In Cabbagetown

Compost is an organic factor in the city’s waste reduction program and is also an important part of maintaining a healthy garden. Due to the relatively small areas we have to work with in our neighbourhood, residents might find creating their own compost to be a challenge, but there are options.

Option 1: Make Your Own Compost
You can build your own composter, or purchase one from the City for a very reasonable $15. Put your own compostable material in your composter, and once nature has finished her handiwork – you have the “black gold” that will help your veggies, fruits, flowers and lawns to flourish.

To learn more about composting in general, and to obtain a City of Toronto Composter, go to the bottom of this page on Yard Waste, Lawns and Composting and click on the “home composting” tab. Then click on Composter pick-up and delivery.

To learn how to build your own 3-bin composter, visit this page on the Toronto Community Garden Network site.

Option 2: Outsource Your Compost To The City
If you don’t have the inclination to do it yourself, or your outdoor space is already spoken for, then participate by putting your compostable materials in your green bin and let the city take care of it for you.

At the Forsythia Festival and Community Environment Days, the city will drop off large piles of finished compost and residents are encouraged to load up their wheel-barrows and buckets…for free! (how often do you hear that?).