Free Tree

Yes, I would like a free tree from the City. What do I do?
1. Download and print the simple application form. Pick your first and second choice of tree species from page two of the application.
2. To assist you with your choice, here are trees recommended for southeast Toronto and colour photos of native tree options.
3. Mail your completed application form to the City by the end of December in order to ensure your tree will be planted this Spring.

Then what happens?
1. In a few weeks, a Toronto Urban Forestry inspector will come to your house to make sure the site is appropriate for a tree. In most cases, the answer is yes! (You do not have to be home for this visit).
2. In the Spring, your new tree will appear. Urban Forestry staff will plant the tree for you. You do not have to be home, and they will not provide advance notice since planting times depend on species availability, weather, utility clearances, and other factors.
3. After the tree is planted, it should be watered thoroughly every couple of weeks through the growing season especially if the weather is dry.  This step is critically important – click here for more information courtesy of Wenda Li of CabbagetownReLeaf.
4. Enjoy your new tree!

What if I want a tree in my backyard?
1. The City will only plant on the street allowance (usually a few feet into your yard from the sidewalk).
2. However, LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests) offers a full service backyard tree planting program to all residents of the City of Toronto.
3. The approximate cost per tree is $150 to $220 and includes a site consultation in your yard with a certified arborist, a five to eight foot tall tree and full planting service.
4. Native shrubs are also available for approximately $25 each (includes delivery and mulch; planting is $20 extra per shrub).
5. For more information on LEAF, click here.

These 11 tree varieties are best suited to Cabbagetown and surrounding areas.

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