Fire on Parliament Street

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Fire on Parliament Street

There was a 2-alarm fire this morning that affected some businesses and apartments on the east side of Parliament Street, between Spruce Street and Carlton Street.

The fire began shortly after 10 a.m. and affected 2-4-1 Pizza, Pipler and Spruce as well as the apartments above these stores. One person was hospitalized for minor smoke inhalation, but fortunately it seems that all people (and pets) will be OK in the long run.

The Beach Mirror has some photos of the scene.
Inside Toronto wrote that the fire seems to have started at 241 Pizza and 17 Fire Vehicles responded
City News had video of the scene

Our best wishes to the people affected for a speedy cleanup and an early return to homes and businesses.

March 5 – A very personal note from the owners of Pipler.

March 13 – Kim from Spruce tells The Cabbagetowner that she is aiming (and hoping) to re-open by March 26 in time for the Cabbagetown Bunny Hop event.

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