Farewell to Sharna’s Fashion Braids and Wigs

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Farewell to Sharna’s Fashion Braids and Wigs

The Cabbagetowner noticed signs in the window of Sharna’s Fashion Braids and Wigs at Gerrard Street East (just east of Parliament Street). After 24 years, the store will be closing. I asked if they would be opening a new location, but there no plans to do so at this point. It wasn’t common knowledge, but Sharna’s also sold some excellent chili sauces under the Tata’s brand which the Cabbagetowner has enjoyed greatly – I have it on good authority that Spruce on Parliament Street will be carrying that particularly fiery torch now. Farewell!
Image of Sharnas with signs announcing closing.

With Fry Haüs, Global Food & Spice, Maggie’s and now Sharna’s all closed it’s unclear what the future of this short strip holds. We have heard rumours from other sources outside of the neighbourhood that the building might be torn down. With the expected development across the street at the south-east corner of the intersection it is expected that density will increase dramatically in the upcoming years.
Closed storefronts

2 replies on “Farewell to Sharna’s Fashion Braids and Wigs”

Hello Cabbage towner,

If you know anyway to get hold of these wonderful ladies (hopefully they will work from home in the interim) please let me know! It is not easy to find a place to do your hair easily

Hi! Thanks for writing in.

I did ask at the time if they were planning to open at a new location, but they said that they weren’t at that time. The only clue I can think of is to ask Kim at Spruce on Parliament Street. When I asked at Sharna’s about the famous Tata’s Hot Sauce that they sold, they told me that it was going to continue to be available at Spruce so they might be supplying them.

On second thought, another option is that you could also ask at the Cabbagetown BIA since they have their finger on the pulse of the business community in the neighourhood.

Good luck finding out and if you do find more information, please leave a comment here so others can see also.

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