Did You Know…You Now Have 6 More Seconds To Cross Parliament St.?

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Did You Know…You Now Have 6 More Seconds To Cross Parliament St.?

Members of our local Business Improvement Area (BIA) noticed that east-bound traffic was often backing up on Carlton Street at the intersection with Parliament Street. Pedestrians trying to cross were often faced with impatient drivers, causing everyone to be concerned. They contacted Councillor McConnell’s office who sent in the Traffic Services experts to conduct an audit and they agreed that some changes could be made to improve flow. Light timing was changed at the intersection in general, and vehicles and pedestrians were given an extra 6 seconds to cross (it might not sound like a lot, but over time – it can add up!). An additional “Yield to Pedestrians” sign was installed also.

The whole area will be getting reviewed again as part of a project this summer to assess TTC Street Car flow, so expect additional changes to be made.

A friendly reminder to pedestrians that once the countdown numbers begin to appear, do not enter the intersection. The countdown is for those who have already begun crossing, and even if you’re “fleet of foot” and might get across – dashing quickly into the intersection is dangerous especially with so many cars trying to turn (as well as being against the law).

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