Door-to-door Mail Delivery and Community Mailboxes in Cabbagetown

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Door-to-door Mail Delivery and Community Mailboxes in Cabbagetown

There were a couple of developments related to the planned cancellation by Canada Post of door-to-door mail delivery and the placement of community mailboxes in the past week.

Firstly, in an Ontario Superior Court case between the City of Hamilton and Canada Post – which was being closely watched by many municipalities – the judge ruled against the City which had argued that it could determine the location of community mailboxes and charge Canada Post a fee for doing so. Canada Post’s right to locate mailboxes where they wished was affirmed which didn’t bode well for neighbourhoods hoping to influence mailbox locations although Canada Post has stated that they are trying to work with municipalities and locals in decision-making.

Judge strikes down Hamilton’s bylaw to regulate Canada Post super-mailboxes (

Secondly, it seems that Canada Post has proposed to continue door-to-door delivery in the downtown core of Toronto for a number of reasons mostly to do with density. Cabbagetown is located within this area, Bathurst St. – Bloor St. – Don Valley – Lake Ontario, and would therefore continue to receive delivery and community mailboxes would not be required.

Canada Post to keep door-to-door delivery in downtown core (

Community mailboxes will have to compete for space in downtown Toronto (

2 replies on “Door-to-door Mail Delivery and Community Mailboxes in Cabbagetown”

I wish that delivery will be continued. I am 90 years old and would find it difficult to make regular trips to a mailbox.

Another example of unnecessary job cutting by the federal government. Canada Post is not in deficit so why?

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