Do you need something CUSTOM BUILT? HGTV looking for homeowners in the GTA.

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Do you need something CUSTOM BUILT? HGTV looking for homeowners in the GTA.

Need Something CUSTOM BUILT? Architect Films is looking for homeowners in the GTA who are interested in participating in a new television show. See their invitation below, and let us know if you are going to be on TV.

Image of Paul Lafrance

DECKED OUT’s Paul Lafrance is bringing his one-of-a-kind ideas indoors!

Got an “inside project” that needs more than a cookie-cutter solution?  Paul Lafrance is ready to take on any household project, big or small, on HGTV Canada’s new show Custom Built!

Paul is looking for people who want a solution that reflects their unique personality. Whether it’s a single tricked-out table or the rock star renovation of an entire room, Paul can help – adding his own unique creative twist to make your project truly one-of-a-kind!

We’re looking for homeowners in the Greater Toronto Area who:
– Have a unique and exciting project to complete – big or small
– Can afford at least $1000 for a smaller custom piece (like a table or hutch)
– Can contribute a minimum of $15,000 for a major space renovation
– Have an interesting background or story to tell
– Can take a few days off work for larger projects
– For major renos, can find alternate accommodations for the last few days of the project
– Most importantly, have a positive attitude and great sense of humour!

Please email with your location in the subject line and provide the following:
1. Your name(s) and address, and your home, work and cell phone numbers.
2. Photos of you.
3. Photos of the project or space.
4. Briefly describe the project and why you need Paul’s help.
5. What is your budget?
6. Tell us what makes you and your household unique!

Good luck – we can’t wait to hear from you!

4 replies on “Do you need something CUSTOM BUILT? HGTV looking for homeowners in the GTA.”

I watched the ‘Custom Built’ episode ‘The Barn Beam Bathroom’ and felt sorry for both the homeowner whose bathroom was renovated as well as the young woman who paid $2,000 for a custom built dresser.

What were they thinking?

In a large house with only one bathroom they made no attempt to make a separate laundry facility, but instead moved the washer and dryer to the furthest corner from the door, making it even less accessible than it was before, and enclosing it in a cupboard with no room for a laundry basket or even laundry supplies like detergent. In order to use the washer and dryer, you have to encroach on the space in front of the toilet: no matter how ‘friendly’ the occupants are I’m sure neither wants the laundry done in the lap of the person on the toilet.

They sacrificed two beautiful old beams to make a chunky, clumsy counter with no storage, and then framed it with cheap IKEA cabinets and plastic framed IKEA mirrors. There is no proper place for hand soap and they chose countertop sinks with no lip to rest anything on, so all the wet mess from shaving or brushing teeth will end up on the counter. The counter is also epoxy-encased wood, which will probably scratch easily, and there’s no handy storage for toothpaste, etc., only deep cupboards & drawers by the side that seem totally impractical for the kind of storage a shallow ‘medicine cabinet’ style cabinet would have afforded.

The owners of the house are not young, but the shower has no grab bars, and anyone stepping out of the shower will need a bathmat right in the principle entry corridor to the rest of the bathroom, so any drips of water could make a hazardous pathway for anyone entering the bathroom after someone used the shower, not to mention any dust on shoes will become muddy tracks to the toilet. There’s also no good place to hang towels or keep shampoo, etc. And the exposed door and brick behind the glass wall of the shower? That’s just weird. Where does the door lead to and why couldn’t it have become a way to construct a separate laundry room, or perhaps a laundry room/powder room combination. A powder room would have been a truly worthwhile addition to the house. Now the owners have a shower next to a spider museum.

They put the tub next to the window (outside wall) in an old farmhouse, but there was no mention of a new triple-paned glass replacement window or even of extra insulation in the wall, so the bathtub will be pretty uncomfortable and useless during the winter.

Oh, and they saved the best for last, dangling a live electrical fixture over the bathtub, within easy reach of anyone standing up in the tub. How did this pass code?

Then this brilliant crew took $2,000 from a young woman for a piece of trash she wouldn’t be able to unload on Kijiji for $50. She could have done better with some IKEA furniture kits and kitchen cupboard paint. Instead, for $2,000 she now has storage for about a dozen pairs of shoes, 8 sweaters and a few earrings, all in an ugly pink monstrosity with cheap handles and some small stuck on rectangles of Zebra fabric making it look even worse. There’s no saving grace to this piece at all…it’s a complete failure. It’s impractical and ugly and much too big and heavy for the few functions it serves.

And these geniuses are so ‘handy’ it took the entire team to figure out how to start a chainsaw.

What a sad waste of time and money.

I ve been a big fan of all Paul s deck shows and was interested to see what he would do with interiors . Just saw the one where he re- does a bath- room for the couple where the guy can t fit in the shower and the lady wants a Paris style bathroom .. Wow what a great looking bathroom they built , can’t beleive they actually did all that for 25K . Love the way it looked for the most part, great shower .For a half hour show ‘d keep it down to only 1 project and go a little more into detail into how they get from point A to B …..

I have watched a lot of projects they have done and liked pretty much all of them, dont understand why they didnt fix the falling brick in the chunky barn bathroom tho? I would like to see how they would do for a charity show. I still like them and will continue to watch!!

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