Did You Know…? 3 Hour Parking Limit

Did You Know...?

Did You Know…? 3 Hour Parking Limit

…that there is a 3 Hour Parking Limit on all City of Toronto streets, where no other parking regulations are posted?

We’ve heard from some residents that their friends, cleaners and contractors have seen an uptick in the number of infraction notices issued. We’ve heard from our contacts at the City that this is in direct response to complaints from residents about people parking their cars for the entire day while working nearby or downtown.

Tip: Moving a vehicle to a new location nearby every 3 hours won’t result in a ticket being given. To see more how many tickets have been issued on your street, the amount of fines assessed, and the time that tickets were given – visit www.parkintoronto.com where data from the city is displayed.

1 reply on “Did You Know…? 3 Hour Parking Limit”

Residents complaining about workers parking on ‘their’ street are not the same people who are having the work done.
A little tolerance is in order I think. Remember, someday you may need a worker to spend all day on a job at your house, and silence will ensue.

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