Current Issues

The CRA Board focuses on a number of general topics such as Safety & Security, Schools & Children, Tree Canopy etc., but this page is intended to provide a dynamic list of specific topics that residents have identified as being of a high priority or as major irritants.

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Carlton St. Road Surface
The issue: The street’s surface is being considered for moon-landing training with large, deep potholes and broken surfaces. Driving along the street is recommended by body shops around the city since they hope to make a lot of money off of the results.

The status: It has been reported to 311 by multiple residents, and entreaties have been made to Councillor McConnell’s office.

Update: February 11, 2015 – Work has been bumped up and is scheduled to begin sometime in 2017.

Traffic Calming
The issue(s): Residents have written about a number of concerns related to road calming strategies. Some examples are: Rawlings Ave.’s (between Winchester and Amelia) one-way status as well as speed bumps should be removed, adding a speed bump on Millington St., the dangers of turning east on to Wellesley St. from Parliament when travelling southbound, reducing speed limits on Nasmith Ave. and Gifford St. due to proximity to Sprucecourt P.S. are some of the topics we’ve heard about.

The status: We need to look at each of these separately, consult with all of the residents who would potentially be affected and decide whether each change makes sense to pursue. Once that’s done, we’ll find how best to work with the city and our councillor to further investigate and implement changes. Stay tuned.

Laneway Cleanups
The issue: Many laneways are neglected and beyond being an eyesore, they lead to some negative activities taking place in them such as graffiti, vandalism and other illegal activities.

The status: We had a successful clean-up of one laneway in the spring where board members and volunteers cleaned up Gordon Sinclair Lane, and we’ve connected with the Police on strategies to make the laneways safer. We’ve also got one new board member who is going to be focusing on how best we can deal with this topic going forward. Stay tuned (and plan to volunteer!).

Tree Canopy
The issue: Many residents are concerned about the state of the local tree canopy, especially after the damage caused by the ice storm of 2013/2014.

The status: We have been working closely with Cabbagetown ReLEAF to promote a larger, healthier urban forest through community planting, tree care, tree protection, education, and advocacy. We committed to donating $1200 over three years to Cabbagetown ReLEAF’s efforts and are continuing to work with them and the city towards a healthier canopy.

Slippery Splash Pad Surface at Wellesley Park:
Unfortunately, as of May 2016, the new surface seems very slick when wet and we saw multiple slips and falls during the Forsythia Festival. We’ve forwarded our concerns to Councillor McConnell’s office who have engaged the appropriate people at the city.

Other Issues:
The issues above were determined based on the number of inquiries, and survey results we have received. Other issues that we are tracking and that are of concern to residents:

– Riverdale Farm: Keeping it vibrant, and more importantly….open.
– Heritage Protection: Keeping the neighbourhood looking good, and enhancing via strategies such as street-name/laneway plaques.
– Gardening: Working to encourage residents to tidy up their gardens.
– Dogs: Many residents love having dogs in the neighbourhood, but many others are upset with the large number of dogs and the “presents” they leave behind.
– Car2Go: Ride sharing company leaving vehicles parked on local residential streets, sometimes for less than the maximum 3 hour non-permit parking period, sometimes more. Tickets have been issued, complaints have been made to Car2Go and the City of Toronto.

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