Cabbagetown Co-op Nursery School Closing June 2016

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Cabbagetown Co-op Nursery School Closing June 2016

Some unfortunate news about the Cabbagetown Co-op Nursery School. The board has issued a statement about the closure.

“It is with great sadness that the Cabbagetown Co-operative Nursery School Board must announce the closing of the school effective June 2016. For the last several years the Nursery Schools enrollment has been effected by the implementation of All Day Kindergarten and our program is no longer sustainable.

Operational for over 30 years, and with Tina Ruggiero at the helm for the last 16, it is truly the end of an era.

The CCNS served as many of Cabbagetown children’s first foray into education. Past and current families have benefited so greatly from Tina’s expertise. The relationships that were formed here have endured throughout lives of both parents and children alike. As a Cabbagetown mom or dad the answer to any tough parenting question was often found by asking “What would Tina do?”, and in a neighbourhood where there is no one set path for schooling there was solidarity in having been one of ‘Tina’s kids’.

Our community and our children are stronger for having experienced Tina’s guidance and unshakable commitment to the children.

We are happy to know that Tina will continue to enrich the lives of children, albeit elsewhere.”

4 replies on “Cabbagetown Co-op Nursery School Closing June 2016”

Ah man, so sad to read this. “Tina’s” was such a huge part of our boys’ early lives. And such a great way to get to know other neighbourhood families with kids the same age. A big loss.

We heard a big “sigh” in the neighbourhood when this was announced. Thanks for writing in.

This is so sad for Cabbagetown. Two of my kids have gone to Tina’s and I am so very sad my third little one will miss out on such a great experience. Such a loss for the neighbourhood.

I have heard similar comments from a few other residents also. It makes me wish I had gone to school there!

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