Crime Alert: e-Bike and Two Bicycles

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Crime Alert: e-Bike and Two Bicycles

Unfortunately, we have more two-wheeled theft in the neighbourhood to report.

Residents of one house on Bowman Street have reported three separate incidents – a Wisper e-bike taken from their backyard sometime early in the morning of Saturday August 20 and a bicycle locked to their front fence with a D-lock was stolen between 11:30 P.M. Saturday night and 11:00 A.M Sunday.

Additionally, the same residents had another bicycle stolen on May 30 (Bike to Work Day) from their front yard. A photo of the e-bike is included below and here are their notes:

…and have had two of our bikes stolen within one month. The most recent was discovered Saturday, August 20 — a locked e-bike taken from our gated but not locked backyard. The other was a less expensive bike left unlocked in the front yard (May 30) (stupid, but not something we haven’t done before). We’ve lived here 15 years and have had bikes locked and unlocked in our front and back yards and have had no trouble. This is another addition to the recent rash of thefts I’ve been reading about. Police have been called about the e-bike. My neighbours on Sackville Place have also had bikes stolen–one was also an e-bike.

…forgot to mention in my last that yet ANOTHER bike was taken. It was locked to our front fence. It was a crappy beater bike but had two new tires. The thief is clearly just interested in parts. It was taken between 11:30 pm August 20 and 11:00 am August 21. It was locked to our front fence with a D-lock. Don’t know how they got into it.

Wisper e-bike
wisper 905 ebike

We encourage residents to report all thefts to Toronto Police, and as a preventative measure to register your bicycle with the police in case it is later recovered. A determined thief will probably find a way to take just about anything, but locking up your bicycle (even in a locked shed) with a good quality lock can deter a less determined person.

Toronto Police Non-Emergency Line: (416) 808-2222
Toronto Police CORE (Citizen Online Report Entry)
Toronto Police Bicycle Registration Form

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