Crime Alert: Bicycle And Other Items Stolen From Shed On Amelia St.

Crime Alert

Crime Alert: Bicycle And Other Items Stolen From Shed On Amelia St.

A resident of Amelia St. between Schawlow Lane and Prohibition Lane, kindly offered to share details of a theft that took place on the evening of Thursday, September 3.

The thieves ignored a motion-sensing light and broke into a shed by using a crowbar or similar tool, breaking two deadbolts in the process and damaging the shed requiring repairs. Taken were a 3 year old Timberline GT Mountain Bike (pictured below), a Kryptonite bicycle lock, a good stand-up bicycle pump and some leather gardening gloves.

The resident had previously registered the bicycle and has reported the incident to Toronto Police. This is the third break-in that has happened at this house, but on a positive note, a previously stolen (and registered) bicycle was returned to the same resident by the police, 16 months after it was taken!

Picture of bicycle

Image of bicycle

If you have any information on this crime, or any other – call Toronto Police. Also, be sure to report crimes of any severity or value to the police as they monitor these reports and assign resources accordingly. If you would like to let fellow residents know also, please contact us and let us know what you would be comfortable with us sharing.

Toronto Police:
416-808-2222 for non-emergency inquiries
911 for emergencies and crimes in progress

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