Crime alert: Shed fire on February 28 behind LCBO

Crime Alert Issues Safety and Security

Crime alert: Shed fire on February 28 behind LCBO

The Aberdeen Avenue Residents’ Group (AARG) ( have informed us of another fire that police believe was intentionally set.

There was another shed fire tonight (February 28) around 6:45 p.m. at the TCHC property behind the Parliament St LCBO. Apparently there were two empty propane tanks in the shed which were fortunately empty. While firefighters put it out before it spread, police indicated it was arson, have no suspects but detectives are working on it. Can’t stress how critical it is that all garbage and debris be removed from the alleyways. This is a very dangerous situation especially tonight with all the paper recycling on the street.

This follows the 3 fire incidents reported a few days ago. Please be vigilant and call 911 if you observe any alarming behaviour.

Update 4:42 p.m.
Toronto Police have advised there will be extra patrols in the area including bicycle patrols and plain clothes police in the alleys. The police are in possession of a video that might help to identify the culprit.

Captain Jon Lasiuk of Toronto Fire Services provided the AARG with some helpful information following the Ishbel Lane fire.

“I just wanted to add some information for your readers. While I wasn’t involved in investigating that fire, and don’t know the cause, residents should know that rear laneway arsons are relatively common in Toronto. They are almost always crimes of opportunity.

Residents can lessen the risk to their property by keeping their garage doors and rear gates locked at all times. Keep garbage and recycling bins inside a locked area as they are a common source of fuel for arson fires.

Keep the rear of your property clear of loose combustibles (cardboard boxes, overflowing bins, etc.). A clean laneway will send the message that the property is watched over. This may deter those with intent.

From experience, most laneway fires occur after dark. Often the suspect is found to be a lone male, not necessarily badly dressed. Don’t hesitate to report anyone seen prowling by night in the rear laneways.

If you would like more information on fire prevention hints, or if you have an ongoing problem with combustibles that are not being cleaned up, call Toronto Fire Services at 416-338-9000.”

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