City Council Highlights – November 3 and 4

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City Council Highlights – November 3 and 4

The City’s Strategic Communications division produces an excellent short summary of highlights from City Council’s meetings. Their summary from the November 3 and 4 meeting is available now (…and there are plenty of interesting topics).

To read more on any of the topics listed below, read the summary here.

Poverty reduction strategy
Cold weather protocol
Hostels/emergency shelters
George Street revitalization
Ban on use of hookahs
Updated plan for managing traffic congestion
Waterfront transit reset
Capital renewal of long-term care homes
Long-term care homes’ service plan
Internet connectivity in Toronto
Replacement of lead water service pipes
Uber in Toronto
Revitalization of distressed retail areas
Appointment of interim Ombudsman
Appointment of new Poet Laureate
Aga Khan Museum
Future use of Old City Hall
Toronto’s oldest red oak tree

November 3 and 4 Council Meeting

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