Construction Coming To Parliament St. But Businesses Still Open


Construction Coming To Parliament St. But Businesses Still Open

Our friends at the Cabbagetown Business Improvement Area (BIA) have let us know that there might be some disruption along Parliament St. soon due to the repair and replacement of natural gas lines. There is still some discussion as to whether the work will begin immediately or in the near future – the note below from the BIA gives more detail.

Regardless of when the work happens, please remember that many local businesses rely on your custom and supporting our business neighbours is…well…the neighbourly thing to do.

Update May 13, 2015 – The BIA has informed us that the work has indeed begun:
Link Line/Enbridge have begun to replace gas lines along Parliament. When speaking with Enbridge the BIA was told “This Replacement Project is required due to the corrosion we have identified on our 12” Steel pipe, Enbridge is not comfortable leaving this pipe as is and we have determined it has to be replaced due to the level of corrosion that has occurred on our pipeline.” Everything will be finished in time for the Pan Am Games.

Memo to Cabbagetown Business Owners – May 6, 2015
Re: Construction on Parliament Street

Hello respected Cabbagetown business owners and valued area customers,

Earlier this week many businesses received a letter from Link Line informing them of construction which was slated to begin as early as May 6th. The construction is to repair/replace natural gas lines along Parliament Street from Winchester to just South of Carlton. Link Line is working with Enbridge on this particular project. With the Pan Am Games approaching, Enbridge had been given instruction by the City of Toronto to begin repairs and have everything complete before the games start.

The Cabbagetown BIA understands that construction projects such as this can affect local businesses and their customers during the busy spring months and therefore took immediate action to meet with all parties.

In the meeting our chairman Bill Renieris used real life examples to illustrate to representatives of Link Line and Enbridge how our local businesses will be affected and requested the project date be reevaluated and moved to early fall after the Cabbagetown Festival, if possible. Renieris also explained that had businesses been given more advance notice they could have prepared accordingly by purchasing lower inventory levels, hiring less staff, shifting vacation times and planning special promotions to help offset any reduced traffic.

Representatives from Enbridge communicated that the lines being replaced were believed to be in poor condition, hence the plan to replace as soon as possible before the city receives extra tourists on our streets visiting for the Pan Am Games.

We will continue to work closely with all parties. If construction is unable to be postponed, please note it is going forward to ensure your and your customers’ continued safety and is a needed repair. We have requested Link Line and Enbridge take strong consideration into how they can minimize their foot print while working in our area to ensure businesses can continue to operate as normal.

If construction must move forward this month, you may see work begin this Friday.

-The Cabbagetown BIA thanks you for being a part of Cabbagetown and encourages you to #shoplocal in #CabbagetownTO.

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