City releases Riverdale Park sign survey results

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City releases Riverdale Park sign survey results

The city of Toronto’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation department has released the results of their fall survey about pilot signage in both Riverdale Parks and the lower Don Valley Trail.

Nearly 200 individuals or groups completed the survey, which asked questions around:
– The look and feel of the parks and trails signs
– The usefulness and readability of the maps on the parks and trails signs
– The effectiveness and clarity of new Emergency Information Signs

Results overall were highly positive, with the exception being some concern about the visibility of emergency information that were part of larger signs, rather than separate signs are they are currently.

Read the full park and trail signage survey results (opens a PDF).

Says Janette Harvey, Natural Environment Specialist with the parks department, “the online survey was promoted on the Cabbagetown Residents Association blog … I provided an update to all the stakeholder groups who participated in the project (approx. 30 groups in total, including Park People, Walk Toronto, Cycle Toronto, Heritage Toronto, Cabbagetown Preservation Association) with an invitation to complete the survey, and a request to help promote the survey through their networks.

“We promoted it via social media (twitter and facebook). While we did not collect geographic data on respondents, we did receive some comments related to Riverdale Park West specifically (these comments are reflected in the summary), so I do believe a local voice was represented in the results. The survey was meant to get feedback from a broad range of park and trail users, as these signs are meant to serve parks and trails across the city.”

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