Check out new Toronto tools for garbage and recycling

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Check out new Toronto tools for garbage and recycling

Confess: how many times have you been stumped about what’s recyclable, and not? Don’t know if you should throw out skates or other sharp objects? Where do you dispose of a dirty paper plate?

 The City of Toronto has developed the Waste Wizard, an online search tool that provides information on how to properly dispose of more than 2,000 items. A city publication promises “it’s quick and easy to use. Simply go to and enter the name of the item you’re wondering about.”

The same newsletter also reports that garbage tags are now available online (shipping is free) and at Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart and Canadian Tire stores. A garbage bin should never be overflowing; Excess garbage must be bagged, tagged and set out beside your garbage bin for collection.

For excess garbage, use a regular black garbage bag and attach the garbage tag around the knot of the bag, like you would a luggage tag. Garbage tags are $5.11 each [don’t blame the Cabbagetowner for the odd number; we just report the news!] and cover the cost to pick up and dispose of the extra garbage.

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