CBC reports on St. James Court construction dispute

CBC News on August 9 reported on a protracted dispute over a house tear-down and rebuild on St. James Court in Cabbagetown, which is part of the Cabbagetown North Heritage Conservation District.

Cabbagetown residents angry about city, neighbour’s handling of new construction

Toronto Star follow-up story on St. James Court construction dispute

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One Response to CBC reports on St. James Court construction dispute

  1. Anonymous says:

    1) I thought Cabbagetown was heritage protected – how can something like this happen?
    2) We have some lovely stucco heritage homes in the area. This one looks like a suburban EIFS big box store. The article says it’s white, but the photo looks beige-grey.
    3) I have to ask, was the CPA or Councillor McConnell involved at any point?

    The best part about our little slice of Cabbagetown is our neighbours – I wish everyone could just get along.

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