Carlton Street resurfacing in 2017

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Carlton Street resurfacing in 2017

The sorry state of the road surface on Carlton Street east of Parliament Street (we are talking heritage asphalt here…) has been a concern of residents for a number of years.

In February 2015, we learned that the work had been “bumped forward” to 2017. We recently inquired with Councillor McConnell’s office as to where the project stood and have been informed that the work has indeed been included in the 2017 capital repair program. As of this writing, the project has not yet been tendered so Transportation Dept. staff do not have an exact date – but local road resurfacing work generally takes place between May and November each year. Stay tuned and consider selling any shares you might have in body repair shops.

4 replies on “Carlton Street resurfacing in 2017”

I heard that the original brick may lie underneath all those potholes. I guess it would be like the brick road at the far east end of Carlton near the ravine. Is this an urban myth? Could it be checked before they pave paradise?

Would be a lovely gateway into Cabbagetown.

I’m not sure about that. It would be great to discover something like that but I suspect that it’s been paved over a few times since the cobbles were visible. I agree it would look great, but not sure if those who are upset about the bumpy ride now would admire the view if it was still bumpy 🙂 I’m sure we will learn more as the job is tendered and scheduled.

The bricks are still there. Saw them when my water line was re done. I have tried to convince Councillor McConnell that it should go back to bricks as the pavement will never stay as the bricks shift with the freeze thaw. I think it would be an amazing solution!! Might slow cars down instead of speed bumps too.

There’s two votes for bricks! It would be interesting to hear what the cost and life-span difference is between regular paving and the bricks further east on Carlton. Perhaps we could revive the Don Valley Brick Works for the 21st century!

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