Carlton St. Surface Update


Carlton St. Surface Update

You’ll recall that many residents have contacted us regarding the state of Carlton St., east of Parliament St. At a meeting a few weeks ago with a representative from Councillor McConnell’s office, we were given the following update.

The Good News:
Scheduling for remediation has been bumped up.

The Bad News:
The schedule calls for the work to be completed sometime in 2017.

I drove along the street today and it seemed to be less severe than the last time I was there, and I think that there has been some amount of emergency patching, but it’s still in a bad state of repair.

I don’t know if it will make any difference, but the CAA is currently running their “Canada’s Worst Roads” campaign, so if you feel that Carlton St. fits the bill, it might be worth it to vote.

2 replies on “Carlton St. Surface Update”

To be honest, I think the poor road surface slows cars down so a part of my hopes it does not get smoothed out! It is a bit treacherous on my bike, however.

Perhaps Councillor McConnell’s could explain the prioritization process in her area then. For example, how Power Street, a barely-used road running between Queen and King just east of River, with hardly any buildings on it and in far better shape than Carlton, was beautifully resurfaced a couple of years ago. Curious to know what factors went into making that decision.

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