Canada Post Door-To-Door Delivery Service

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Canada Post Door-To-Door Delivery Service

Some residents have spoken to us about their views on the pending removal of door-to-door delivery service planned by Canada Post (

Some have voiced their opinion that this is an understandable response to the financial situation that Canada Post is in, and that the declines in revenue due to many factors (including technology) aren’t reversible. We might also get to meet up in person more often while picking up our mail.

On the opposite side, are those concerned about the loss of the service, the impact to workers, the impact on those who can’t easily walk to a mailbox and placing “super” mailboxes in an area known for its historical charm.

If you’re in favour of the changes, Canada Post would probably love to hear from you.

If you’re in the “opposed” camp, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) are understandably concerned about this change’s impact on its workers and have launched a campaign called “Save Canada Post”. If you would like to support them in their efforts, visit their site at:


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