Cabbagetowner according to … Arianne Schaffer

Cabbagetown According To...

Cabbagetowner according to … Arianne Schaffer

Arianne Shaffer is a Cabbagetowner who lives on Sackville Street with her family and is one of more than 100 residents who volunteers for the Forsythia Festival on the first Sunday of May.

Best place for bite to eat: Salt and Tobacco – unusual name for delicious pizza – and our son works there part-time! Too bad they are only open at night… amazing “funghi” and a vegan one, too!

Cabbagetown needs: a bookstore – and another bookstore – and a third bookstore!

Favourite block: walking up my street (Sackville) turning onto Spruce and then onto Sumach for my morning walks to Riverdale Farm!

Best public space: the Riverdale Farm and Regent Park’s playground.

Favourite store: Lennie’s, Labour of Love and Blooming Flower Bar (all things healthy, gifts for friends and flowers for me – please!)

Cabbagetown pet peeve: other pets off leash!

Cabbagetown’s best-kept secret: my choir – City Choir! We rehearse at Dixon Hall (Bleeker and Carlton) on Tuesday nights. But also, my youngest daughter wants me to add that we don’t grow cabbages in Cabbagetown – shhhhhhh!

Reason to join the CRA: involved, caring neighbours trying to make the ‘hood a better place – thank you!

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