Cabbagetown Tour of Homes gets major media coverage

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Cabbagetown Tour of Homes gets major media coverage

Two big media stories have been published about the upcoming Cabbagetown Tour of Homes, organized by our friends at the Cabbagetown Preservation Association.

A story in the Toronto Star Homes Section, “Cabbagetown Tour of Homes open doors to (renovated) history”, goes in-depth about a wall-to-wall redo of one of the Wellesley Cottages and has shorter stories about a recently renovated five-apartment building on Metcalfe Street and a home in the Carlton Street Chamberlain Block that has been reimagined to accommodate three unrelated people sharing the home.

The National Post’s article on the tour, “Back to the future,” features yet another one of the tour’s homes, this one a 1905 Queen Anne style home that had been extensively changed over in the 1980s and whose 30-year-old renovations “had fit the fashions of that era, but by now was as outdated as big hair and padded shoulders.” A sleek 21st-century makeover has restored some of the older features while creating an open-concept, airy space.

The tour, covering eight stops, takes place on Sunday, Sept. 17 from noon to 4 p.m. and tickets are $35. Go to the CPA website for ticket-purchasing information.

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