Cabbagetown Spring Clean-Up

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Cabbagetown Spring Clean-Up


Photo by Marian Kroel

Every year the Cabbagetown Resident’s Association has promoted and sponsored a neighbourhood ‘Spring Cleanup’. This was done largely to spruce-up the neighbourhood in advance of the Forsythia Festival. 

Sadly neither event can be held this year but the CRA would still like to encourage residents to help clean-up Cabbagetown…while maintaining safe social distancing, of course!

So, in honour of the Forsythia Festival, when you’re out for a walk this weekend, please think about taking a garbage bag and gloves to pick up some trash around your property and local laneways. 

Please send photos of your efforts to the CRA, for our next newsletter ( 

Happy Spring, Cabbagetown!

Stay Distant. Stay Safe.

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