Cabbagetown South Fall 2016 Newsletter

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Cabbagetown South Fall 2016 Newsletter

The Cabbagetown South Residents’ Association has put out their Fall 2016 newsletter and it’s full of interesting information as always.

One thing I learned from reading it is that residents who are concerned about the new, larger green compost bins expected next spring can contact 311 to have someone discuss their particular situation. It sounds like the city might be flexible on replacements, which will be welcome news for residents who have limited frontage or have already built custom storage areas for the current bins.

Cabbagetown South Fall 2016 Newsletter (

Newsletter Topics include:
Cabbagetown South Christmas Party – Dec. 7
Cabbagetown South Laneway Project
Proposed NEW Green Bins to be rolled out Spring 2017
Oben Flats
The Beer Store
Moss Park
New Ward Boundaries
Large proposal for 46 – 54 Power Street and 113-135 Parliament Street opposed by Community Council
Community Gardeners bring life to Berkeley Street and laneways
Neighbourhood Policing Contact Information

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