Cabbagetown Residents Supporting Urban Forest ReLEAF Project


Cabbagetown Residents Supporting Urban Forest ReLEAF Project

Residents of Cabbagetown told us during last year’s survey that they are concerned with the loss of trees in the neighbourhood and that the CRA should support canopy conservation. 64% indicated this very strongly (8 – 10 out of 10 in the survey) and 85% strongly (6-10). Those numbers were gathered prior to the ice storm that we experienced in December.

So, rather than just hugging the trees (although that’s fun too), we’ve committed to providing $1,200 over the next three years ($400 per year) for the Cabbagetown Urban Forest ReLEAF Project who we have partnered with to ensure our Tree Canopy thrives.

You might wonder where this money comes from? Membership Dues (you have renewed haven’t you?), proceeds from ticket and food/beverage sales at the Forsythia Festival, film production community donations and other local fund-raising efforts we conduct throughout the year.

Thank You Letter from Cabbagetown ReLEAF

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