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Cabbagetown Lights

Hey Cabbagetowners!

cabbagetown lights
Introducing the first Cabbagetown Holiday Lights contest! We thought that it would be fun to see some of Cabbagetown’s houses in all of their illuminated glory. Whether the inspiration leans toward Martha Stewart or maybe the Griswold Family, show off your decorating style or nominate one of your neighbours.

There are three ways you can enter:
– Post a photo to Twitter with the hashtag #cabbagetownlights;
– Post to our Facebook page timeline with the hashtag #cabbagetownlights;
– or email us at and we’ll post it for you.

The contest runs until Sunday January 10 and whichever post has the most favourites or likes by the end of that day, wins a trophy, a one year membership to the Cabbagetown Residents Association membership, and bragging rights!

Update January 14, 2016: Congratulations to Mark Hendricks on the winning picture!

Mark joined us at our April 25, 2016 Board Meeting and was presented with his trophy by CRA President Phil Frei (centre) and board member Tyler Fleming (left) who suggested the contest. Congratulations on the win!
cabbagetown lights winner - Tyler Fleming (l), Phil Frei (c), Mark Hendricks (r)

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