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Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market

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Well, this is a pleasant surprise. You’ll recall that the Riverdale Farm Farmers’ Market was cancelled earlier this year. We’ve found out recently that there *IS* going to be a market but rather than being managed by City of Toronto staff as it has been the past few years, it’s a different group (this is the more common situation in most farmers’ markets around the city).

The Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market, will run Tuesdays, 3 pm to 7 pm from June 30 until the end of August in the same location as the Riverdale Farm Farmers’ Market did. They’re looking for volunteers and people to promote the market also, so if you’re interested please see their note below.

Leading up to the opening of the market, Trillium Organics (from Norfolk County and a regular market participant in the past) will be selling eggs and certified organic produce at a table next to Park Snacks with the assistance of Bernard who runs the café there. They will be there on June 9, 16 and 23rd from 2:30 pm – 7 pm and then at the full market when it starts up on June 30th.

We hope that the market is a success and we’re going to see if we can help the organizers to publicize their offerings so stay tuned! Here’s the note from the organizers:

Hello Neighbours,

We are a team of passionate Cabbagetowners who are working together to revive the Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market. We are excited to announce that the market will be operating on Tuesdays from 3-7 PM throughout the summer, starting June 30th.

1. Let us know your ideas. If you want to voice some input or are interested in volunteering, please take a minute to fill out this survey OR email us at

2. Attend our first volunteer meeting. We are looking for volunteers to help all the wonderful vendors set up and take down their stalls. Join us at the Local Gest Restaurant on Parliament St. on the 18th of June at 6:30PM for our first volunteer gathering & meet other community members.

3. Help us spread the word. We want to make sure everyone knows about the market & how to get their hands on delicious Ontario goodies. If you are open to putting a small lawn sign up in your front yard we would be happy to deliver it to your door! Please email us at with your information.

Thanks for your support – See you all on June 30th!

The Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market Team

Mischa, Ashley & Mallory

Photo By Pluma (Own work) CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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