Cabbagetown According To… Scott Morrow

Cabbagetown According To...

Cabbagetown According To… Scott Morrow

Scott Morrow is one of our newest board members, but is a long-time Cabbagetowner who loves the neighbourhood. Here is his contribution to our Cabbagetown According To…series!
Scott Morrow
Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat…I have to say after 19 years of excellent food and service…it’s The House on Parliament. Never a bad meal and always friendly. I have eaten at many of the other fine venues…all good; but my go to, is the HOP.

Cabbagetown needs…a fresh fish shop and a vegetarian/vegan shop. We can buy in the area from a big box store but a small independent would do wonders. Cabbagetown also needs Riverdale Farm and the Parks.

Favourite block…without a doubt, Nasmith Avenue. We are a one block street and very close knit. We watch out for one another and we are there for each other. We even have our own website! Best move I ever made.

Best public space…Riverdale Farm. I am an avid photographer and love the conservation area. The amount of wildlife in a small downtown area is priceless. Of course the streets themselves, with great homes, gardens and brick-a-brack are awesome to photograph.

Favourite store…I have been to most of the stores in the area but I have to say D&J Mart on Gerrard and Sackville. They are always smiling, ready for conversation and willing to make you happy. PS…the Interact is $0.15 versus $1.50 at the ATM.

Cabbagetown pet peeve…People who speed up and down our streets and those who park and then get on a streetcar to go to work and pick up their cars 8-10 hours later. Also, those streets who are waiting for the City of Toronto to come and clean their curbside gutters (get a broom and shovel and beautify your street).

Cabbagetown’s best kept secret…Is Cabbagetown itself. I am often surprised when people ask me where it is. We can change that. This is the BEST place in the GTA.

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA)…It’s about being a part of one of the richest experiences in Toronto and sharing that…and then making positive changes to make our community known, safe and make positive change.

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