Cabbagetown according to … Radek Zajkowski

Meet Radek Zajkowski, who volunteers as webmaster for the Cabbagetown Residents Association. He lives on Wellesley Street with his family.

Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat:
F’Amelia, close to home, great for a romantic date. Discovered some nice vintages there.

Cabbagetown needs:
Bike-friendly access to Bayview via Wellesley Park.

Favourite blocks:
Sackville from Wellesley to Dundas. I often use it to bike down to the lake, it connects us to Regent Park Acquatic centre, Riverdale Farm, bike paths, among many other destinations.

Best public space:
Riverdale Farm. It’s amazing to have such space nearby to take kids to and it is located right next to one of the best tobogganing hills in the city.

Favourite store:
St. James Town Steak & Chops. It’s like having a mini St. Lawrence market down the street.

Cabbagetown pet peeve:
Lack of parking space. It’s a broader issue of how car-centric Toronto is, but in Cabbagetown we experience a shortage a bit more.

Cabbagetown’s best kept secret:
Sri Lankan shops on the east side of Parliament between Amelia and Wellesley. 

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA):
Be in the know about your neighbourhood.

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