Cabbagetown According To… Marc Simmons

Cabbagetown According To...

Cabbagetown According To… Marc Simmons

This month, we have Marc Simmons, one of our newest board members, providing his thoughts on the neighbourhood as part of our “Cabbagetown According To…” series.
Marc Simmons
Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat…
F’amelia! Holy smokes that food is tasty. And their cocktails aren’t too shabby either. It’s a great way to draw my non-Cabbagetown friends over to my neck of the woods.

Cabbagetown needs… A cheap and cheerful pizza joint. Cabbagetown is out of bounds for so many of my favourite pizza places.

Favourite block… Cabbagetown North-East around Wellesley and Parkview. OK, I’m a bit biased but the residents in the area are pretty amazing at helping each other out.

Best public space… Wellesley Park. Especially since the City installed a new splash pad.

Favourite store… Labour of Love. Regina is a masterful curator of gifts! On top of that, she knows my wife’s tastes and can always recommend something awesome. Birthdays and anniversaries made simple.

Cabbagetown pet peeve… The constant hum of the DVP. I only noticed it when we moved to the edge of the neighbourhood. It’s time to gets some more electric vehicles on the road!

Cabbagetown’s best kept secret…There’s a secret park off Carlton Street (I’ve said too much already). It’s little patch of grass surrounded by houses and mysteriously maintained. It’s possible that I’ve been hanging out in someone’s backyard.

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA)… To get plugged into the neighbourhood, to work with really great people who care about the community and affect change for the betterment of the ‘hood.

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