Cabbagetown According To… Lee Matheson

Cabbagetown According To...

Cabbagetown According To… Lee Matheson

We thought we’d ask past CRA Board President, and all around great guy… Lee Matheson for his opinions on the neighbourhood.
Lee Matheson
Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat… Zakushi on Carlton for it’s fun atmosphere and the serene sushi bar in the basement.

Cabbagetown needs… a juice/smoothie bar. Are we the only neighbourhood who doesn’t have one?

Favourite block… Alpha Ave. It’s like a postcard.

Best public space… The old bear/lion cage and the old stone bridge at the bottom of Riverdale Farm.

Favourite store… Home Hardware. I seem to be there at least once a weekend.

Cabbagetown pet peeve… Late night raccoon fights.

Cabbagetown’s best kept secret… Café Olya’s baked good, but maybe it isn’t such a secret anymore.

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA)… Because critical mass is really important in leveraging negotiations with the city and other organisations.

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