Cabbagetown according to…Carolyn Jarman

This month, we have Cabbagetown Residents Association Board Director Carolyn Jarman offering her take on the neighbourhood!

Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat…
F’Amelia – They are so welcoming even if we just pop in for a quick drink. The food is so consistently good and they know to move quickly when we arrive with our children while still allowing us enough time to enjoy ourselves!

Cabbagetown needs…
This one has me stumped!

Favourite block…
Sackville Place/Flagler St – it’s tucked away from the main streets and is very kid friendly. We’re able to have massive hopscotch creations, bike riding and general pandemonium without causing too much disruption to the neighbourhood (we hope).

Best public space…
Riverdale Farm – I love the city programs run from the space, the access it offers to the ravines and the opportunities to watch the animals (both farm and wild)!

Favourite store…
Labour of Love – Regina manages to always suggest the perfect gift.

Cabbagetown pet peeve…
Snow left unshoveled! It’s such a hazard for those with mobility issues. It’s also not the easiest to push a stroller through. There is assistance available through 311 if you are unable to shovel your own snow.

Cabbagetown’s best kept secret…
Tasso’s almond croissants. They’re absolutely delicious but they only make so many each week, so get there early!

Best reason to join the Cabbagetown Residents Association (CRA)…
It’s a great first way to get involved in the neighbourhood and city. I’ve learned a lot about how the city works, about little known resources (think tree planting initiatives and snow removal!) and how to effectively suggest change.

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