Cabbagetown According To… Addy Saeed

This month’s musings are from board member Addy Saeed. Addy does double-duty in the neighbourhood by also sitting on the board of the Business Improvement Area.

image of Addy Saeed
Best place in Cabbagetown for a bite to eat…We have a great selection of restaurants available in Cabbagetown so picking one is hard … I would say, for a nice dinner; F’Amelia, savory bites; The Scullery, bite and drinks with friends; Stout Irish Pub
Cabbagetown needs…New commercial space development… We have couple of projects on Parliament street that need to happen soon… The old House on Parliament location needs to finish and find some good tenants and whispers of the long awaited development of a new LCBO should revitalize our neighborhood’s commercial strip. Alas, there is no timeline in place for these projects to happen but the neighborhood needs them.
Favorite block…For residential, I adore the Wellesley cottages that are tucked away in the back of Cabbagetown. For commercial, I really like the space between Carlton and Winchester on Parliament… If only my above stated development would happen, it would be a huge plus for our area. The housing on the east side of parliament by the LCBO needs to be converted to commercial space!
Best public space…Riverdale Park – Off leash dog park… Great to exercise your four legged friends and get a couple of laps in to stay in shape.
Favourite store…Again, a very hard pick but I’m leaning towards Labor of Love with their one off pieces and awesome cards…
Cabbagetown pet peeve…The real estate crisis where we have valuable commercial spaces being used as housing and properties not being maintained well throughout our great neighborhood by individuals, investors and companies.
Cabbagetown’s best kept secret…The history behind the houses and our public spaces. Most houses have plaques placed around them to highlight the significant people that lived there but not many visitors realize this until it’s pointed out to them. The laneways have names and tell a story about Cabbagetown and Toronto. This is another great secret that not many residents or visitors know much about.
Best reason to join CRA…Be the change you want to see. We need membership and support from local residents as well feedback to bring forth issues that you are facing. Many a time, topics that don’t garner support are left behind or never brought to our attention. If you have a topic you would like us to discuss, please join the CRA and be part of the conversation.

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