Braking news: Bayview Extension speed limit reduced again

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Braking news: Bayview Extension speed limit reduced again

The Cabbagetowner noticed this weekend that the speed limit signs on the Bayview Extension between Pottery Road and River Street have been replaced to indicate a 50 km/h limit. The speed limit in this area was 70 km/h from the opening in 1959 and 60 km/h since June 2011. It seems that the additional reduction is part of the City’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan and was voted on in July 2016.

There is no additional signage to warn of the change, and one of the Toronto Police Services’ “stealth” patrol cars was seen issuing tickets to drivers which is not an irregular occurrence on this stretch of road next to the neighbourhood, although infraction recipients might have been surprised to have an additional 10 km/h thrown into the fine calculation.

Vision Zero Road Safety Plan (
City Council Item PW14.1 (
Proposed Roads (.pdf /

Image of Bayview Extension with a 50 km/h speed limit sign.

4 replies on “Braking news: Bayview Extension speed limit reduced again”

Just caught the pun today – “Braking News”.

Well done Keith you have done a great job with this site over the years!

I’m glad you liked it! That is one of my better headlines I think 🙂

Thanks for the kind words. It has been a great pleasure to be a part of the Residents Association board for the past 4 years – I’m already missing it.

The recent safety changes that have been made with barriers negates the need to reduce the speed limit.

My thought is this only serves to impede flow and help the police hand out more tickets. With the improvements this is not a high risk pedestrian/cyclist area and speeds in excess of 70kmh should be penalized, especially during the day or on weekends. Not during morning or afternoon rush.

Please share your voice.

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