Auto vandalism investigation continues

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Auto vandalism investigation continues

The Cabbagetown area has had a rash of vandalism aimed at cars parked on the street. As reported in a recent CRA crime alert (to which you can subscribe if you don’t already do so), eight cars were spray painted along Bowman and Flagger streets on Jan. 31. There have also been reports over last weekend and this week of tires slashed or gouged on Laurier Spruce and Wellesley streets, and on Ontario between Carlton and Gerrard in the Cabbagetown South Residents Association area.
If you have had any damage done to your car in the past weeks, please report it to Toronto police so they understand the full scope of the issue.

Police ask that you use this online reporting tool:
If you have a neighbour who has had a vehicle damaged but may be uncomfortable with the online reporting form, please consider assisting that person to report. It only takes a few moments to complete.
If you have any security cameras that face the streets that have been affected, and were operational at the times of the vandalism, please secure that footage and contact Toronto Police 51 Division, which covers our neighbourhood, at 416 808 5100 to arrange to have investigators take a look at it. You may not think you have anything to offer, but no clue is too small. 
The Cabbagetown Residents Association has been in touch with 51 Division and has met with a representative from Ward 28 Councillor Lucy Troisi’s office on this matter. The councillor’s office is advocating for continued police investigation and action.

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An update on the weekend of Feb. 9-11 from 51 Division of Toronto Police Services we’ve been asked to share:

“Our Moss Park officers spent two days out doing a canvass in the area for further victims, and looking for potential evidence.

“An investigator in our Major Crime Unit has been assigned all the occurrences related to the recent vandalism. We think it’s likely the same suspect for them all.

“Our Primary Response Officers have stepped up their evening/night presence in the area when they are not responding to emergency calls.

“Please encourage all of your members who have been the victims of recent vandalism to file reports online at- Photo evidence can be attached to these reports.

“If anyone has video, encourage them to send it through WeTransfer to referencing their report number.”

Additional note: if you have surveillance video of one of the areas affected by auto vandalism but have not filed a report because you do not have a vehicle that’s been damaged, our CRA safety and security volunteer, Des Ryan, recommends calling 51 Division at 416-808-5100 (non emergency number) to ask them about submitting a video for review without having a report number.

I’ve had 2 tires punctured overnight – one on last Monday evening and again last night.

My landlord who lives above me on Wellesley Street East between Sackville and Parliament, also woke up this morning to 2 flat tires.

I have issued a policy report and will be encouraging them to do the same.

Stay safe, Cabbagetown!

My wife’s car had one tire slashed last week along with more than 6 others on Laurier and Wellesley
My car and 2 others had one tire each slashed overnight on Wellesley on Feb 12. I have reported all to the Police
It’s not only the expense but the inconvenience to replace

We have had our tires slashed, again. Two of them this time and our car is parked in Sumach. We had to replace another tire last week as well. Let’s all stay vigilant and be sure to call the Police and ALWAYS report any suspicious behaviour or individuals.

February 14, 2018 update from Toronto Police Services 51 Division:

There have been 43 reported vandalized vehicles in Cabbagetown in recent days – mostly tire slashing or puncturing. Staff Sergeant Gord Spratt from the Major Crime Unit is now overseeing the investigation. He says a news release will be coming out this week, although exact timing is to be confirmed. The police are still canvassing for storefront and residential surveillance, and encourage people to submit any video they may have of the effected streets in the neighbourhood.

Repeating the how-to information:
“Please encourage all of your members who have been the victims of recent vandalism to file reports online at- Photo evidence can be attached to these reports.

“If anyone has video, encourage them to send it through WeTransfer to referencing their report number.”

And here I thought I was alone… Both passenger side tires cut sometime between the 4th and the 6th. Just filed a police report now seeing as there is a remarkable amount of reports and all info helps.

So frustrating.

My boyfriend and I each had 2 tires slashed on our vehicles parked in our private laneway near River and Dundas on the night of Feb 12. Police report has been filed.

I had my car broken into last weekend at the top of Berkeley near Dr. O lane

Any one see anything or have security cameras?

I made a police report

I don’t live in Toronto, but something very similar happened to my truck over the weekend in Mississauga by the lake. Someone spiked the sidewall on seven of my eight outer passenger side tires. It costed me and the company I am leased to over $4000 in tires plus lost revenues for the day, I did report it to the 11th division Peel Police and happened to stumble upon this page when researching the topic.

I didn’t realize there were so many others affected by this issue in GTA, very upsetting and disappointing to say the least.

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