August Focus: Schools and Children

Focus Schools and Children

August Focus: Schools and Children

As a teacher for the Toronto District School board and a parent of two children (one starting Kindergarten next year), I am very interested in issues surrounding both education and programming for children in Cabbagetown.

Of the 200 people who responded to our survey conducted in late 2013, 34% have children under 18, with 52 children ages 0-3, 35 children ages 4-12 and 8 children age 13-18.

The results from the data portion of the survey relating to children were interesting;

One of the biggest issues was the quality of the primary schools in the area with an almost equal number of people being happy and unhappy with the quality of the local schools, with the exception of Winchester Public School with 79% of parents being happy with the quality. Further work will need to be done to explore why people are unhappy with the quality of the schools and what, if any, measures can be taken to improve them via the Residents Association.

Most people were moderately pleased and moderately aware of childcare services, before and after school programmes and recreational programmes in the area. To help with the awareness of programmes and services, the CRA has put together an information page on our website. Please see below for more details.

Eighteen people added additional comments in the “schools and children” section of the survey. One of the comments in both the children section and parks section mentioned the desire for a “more modern splash pad.” Good news! We are indeed getting the wading pool at Wellesely Park updated and the Board has been working with the City staff. Click here for more info:

Finally, a number of comments mentioned the need for more information about programmes and resources available in the area for children. We are happy to report that if you visit our website and click on “Areas of Focus” and then “Schools/Children” you will find a list of schools, drop in centres, libraries, City programmes, and more, all listed with addresses and websites as well as more information.

Schools & Children

This is a work in progress and if you have something to add, please write to me at I have tried to include information that is accurate, but please call or confirm hours before visiting as times and/or programmes often change.

Lindsay Matheson

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