Are Your Boxwoods Sickly?

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Are Your Boxwoods Sickly?

A note from Cathy Davis, Cabbagetown resident:


Hi Neighbours,

I’ve noticed on my regular walks with my dog Guinness that all of the Boxwoods on Metcalfe and Carlton appear to have Leaf Miner. It’s a serious and very infectious pest that can rapidly damage all the Boxwoods in a given location.  That’s why all our Boxwoods look yellow and anemic.  It appeared 2 years ago, and I aggressively cut my Boxwoods back to try to control it.  They were healthy last year, but it’s come back again.  

Bartlett Tree came & gave me a quote on the spray, as well as some other good advice on the garden.  They have good reviews on Home Stars and Google, and a few people on the street have recommended them to me as well. They are coming toward the end of the month to spray the Boxwoods in my and my neighbours gardens.

The key is that it has to be treated at a certain window in the life cycle, (I think when the larvae hatch and start to chew threw the leaf), which is now.  So you need to act quickly, if you want to address it.    

Hope everyone is healthy & enjoying the spring weather!


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